Plastic bags are one of those products that everyone treats as a normal everyday item. They are light and cheap, they are given for free in most shops, they are convenient to carry things around, to protect our products, even to wrap our food.

These bags are everywhere you look but all that popularity comes at a cost, they are causing so much havoc and devastation, especially in the oceans where they are polluting the water and killing other species. They are also threatening our health as fish are eating plastic bags so people end up eating this material and all the chemicals that come with it.

For this reason I decided to dedicate my first blog post series to this matter. I consider this is a massive environmental issue and even when to some extent most people are aware of this problem, millions continue using them every single day.

I see it all the time when I go to the shops, yesterday the lady in front of me bought a full trolley of groceries packed in plastic bags, at least 6 of them (without counting the bags wrapping the food she was buying) and that’s just one person.

The good news is we can all change; Many years ago I used to be that person too. I remember going to the supermarket every week and bringing back home a pile of plastic bags which I carefully folded in triangles and stored to later line my garbage bin. To me that was just normal; at that time I was totally ignorant of the problems caused by plastic bags, but I know better now and I’d love to share this message with anyone who wants to listen.

Let me assure you in advance, it is not that hard as you imagine. I hear it over and over people telling me it is too difficult, they always forget, they are too busy. And hey I get it, I understand, it’s easy to get caught up in the busyness of life, we have jobs, families, bills, commitments and distractions. However, everything is about priorities, and the fact you are here reading this info means you care and can commit to reduce your plastic bag consumption.

In this series I’ll be discussing the following topics:

Part I: Why should we care about plastic bag?

Part II: Reusable bags to start your break up with plastic

Part III: How to easily develop the “reusable bag” habit

Part IV: Other ways to reduce plastic bags and help the cause

If you (or someone you know) are still using plastic bags on regular basis, hopefully you will find some inspiration and information on how to make the switch for good, so stayed tuned.

In the mean time please leave your comment below and tell me why do you think people still use plastic bags even when many of them already know they are not good for the environment? If you stopped using them, why did you change?

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