Last night, I finally watched the documentary 2040, it had been in my wish list for quite some time, and for different reasons I hadn’t been able to watch it. I must say it is a wonderful documentary and I really enjoyed it.

Given that this is an Australian documentary, I think many of us interested in sustainability and living in this country have been hearing about it since end of 2019 when it was released, however, I am not sure if overseas people know about it. That’s why today I just want to share some thoughts and extend the invitation to all of you to watch it.

In a nutshell

This is documentary directed by and starring Damon Gameau, and it is about climate change and how the future will look like if we embraced options that are within reach today. This is not the standard “doom and gloom” documentary that will make you feel depressed, it is filled with hope and solutions to address this massive global issue.

What I liked about it

I really loved the concept because it is about the future of her daughter Velvet, who was 4 years old by the time he created the documentary. So, he’s presenting the possibilities of a different future for her and everyone in 2040, it is a future 20 years from now where this problem has been addressed with information and technologies we have today.

I wrote a blog post several weeks ago, about the future generations and why I believe we should all think about leaving kids a healthier planet to live in. So, I love this movie because it is really the journey of a parent who right now is concerned about the state of the planet and what the future will look like for his little daughter. To me that’s so relatable, I think like him there are many other parents out there worried about exactly the same thing. I think that emotional connection is key to convey his message.


Photo courtesy: 2040 documentary

In the documentary, he acknowledge the fact that there are many people interested in this topic and concerned about the future, but living in a world that depends so heavily on fossil fuels, they feel overwhelmed, hopeless and they don’t know what to do.

This documentary brings optimism and actions, he is showing that we can start turning things around today, we don’t have to wait for more innovation (even when we all know more will come) to do something about this problem and change the future, all we need is the leadership and commitment of governments, businesses and individuals like you and me.

Did I mention it is fun to watch too? Damon did a great job with the visuals, it is creative, entertaining and certainly I had a laugh or two 🙂 I can’t say that of many documentaries I have watched in the past.

Where you can find it

There are several options.

You can stream it from different sources (fee involved):

If you got a public library card or you are an University  student/professor, right now you can find this documentary on Kanopy . Just sign up using your details (e.g. public library card number and password) to access the documentary for free:

In Australia, you can buy the DVD from this website If you consider this option, please share it to friends and family members, so that the message reaches more people.

Want to know more

After you watch the documentary, you can browse their website, they have interesting information about the documentary, solutions and how you can get involved:

“Only if we understand, can we care. Only if we care, we will help. Only if we help, we shall be saved.”- Dr Jane Goodall

That’s it for today. I really hope you can catch this documentary. Let me know in the comments below if you have already watched it. Stay safe everyone.

Thanks for reading,