Hello my name is Diana; I decided to create this space to help people who like me care for the planet and want to make more sustainable and conscious decisions in everyday life. I would like to inspire them to take action and overcome the challenge of changing routines and habits in the busy modern life that many of us live today.

I know what it is like to want to do the right thing for the planet but at the same time being so overwhelmed with all the information and expectations out there that you don’t know how to start or progress in this green journey without that nagging feelings: This is too hard or I am not doing enough!

That’s why I am here to inspire a transition to a “Greener Identity”, to take small steps and develop new habits that work for you! Only you know how your life looks like, so this is about building your own journey and feeling great about it.

My Green Story

Several of years ago, I started learning about climate change, I remember watching Al Gore documentary “The Inconvenient Truth” and being shocked by all the changes the planet was experiencing due to human activity. I felt a bit hopeless and overwhelmed; it was (and still is) such a massive problem.

At that point in time, I could see how governments and big companies had a huge responsibility in this matter and action was urgently needed on that front, but I wasn’t thinking a lot about my life and my actions.

One day I attended to an environmental park here in Melbourne, Australia and I was introduced to the “Human Footprint” concept.  I finally understood the amount of resources I was consuming in my daily life without even being aware of it. I then started to realise that my choices every single day at individual level really matter.

Slowly, I became interested in sustainability and the more I learnt the more I felt responsible for my actions and its consequences on the planet. I started doing a lot of research to understand what I could do to reduce my impact. I was motivated, but changing the way you have been living your entire life is easier said than done.

The beginning of the transition was a slow and bumpy process, forming new habits was painful at times and there was so much information out there. But bit by bit with a lot of commitment and research, I started implementing changes around the house and my routine. I also joined online groups to get inspired and gain some knowledge.

Over time, all these changes led me to become part of some green movements, so I decided to become: vegetarian (and vegan for a period of time), a Zero Waste enthusiast, I embraced natural living, I started to buy Organic food, and I wanted to be a Minimalist… *sigh*.

I must admit that after a while it became really overwhelming, I started feeling guilty about so many things I was not doing or doing “wrong”. Part of this guilt was self-imposed and the rest absorbed from all the information I was consuming online.

At times I also felt there was lot of judgement around, a lot of external expectations and moulds for people like me trying to live a more sustainable life. Sometimes my green journey wasn’t as fun and positive as I anticipated.

Then I discovered a way to embrace this journey differently; I forgot the “labels” and started to define my own journey, my own green identity one step at a time. I decided to embrace the changes I was ready to apply based on my personal circumstances; I mixed and matched and I felt happy about it.

Don’t get me wrong I still love many of these green movements, and I follow many of their concepts and ideas, they’re awesome but they don’t define me.

The truth is I don’t live off the grid in a mountain, I have a job and I live a busy city life as many people do, full of distractions and limited in time, so I’ve learnt to be kind to myself and to others trying to find their own paths. I keep moving with a more positive and hopeful approach to this experience, inspiring others along the way with these changes.

I truly believe every effort count, and if you are reading these lines and you are just starting your journey, well done for making that decision and trying to make this planet a better place for everyone! I want to empower you to write you own green story.

Please join me to explore ideas, alternatives and systems that can help you to start and continue your journey and open up possibilities for this planet, the only one we have.

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Remember “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” – Lao Tzu

Let’s learn together!

Thank you for reading,

With love,