A couple of days ago my friend Heather asked me for a recommendation of shampoo bars and she reminded me that I wanted to write an update about this topic.

Last time I wrote my post, I hadn’t been using shampoo bars for long and I was still learning, since then there have been a couple of things I have tried and learned and I would like to share the info with you.

Hair health

I have been using shampoo bars for at least 10 months now and I must say my hair is good. I am not going to say that my hair now looks like a model of a Pantene Pro-B commercial, because I would be lying, but my hair is in a similar condition to what it was before using shampoo bar, so it is all good.

As I mentioned last time, when I switched to natural shampoo bars, I was already using a natural brand of shampoo, so it wasn’t a drastic change.

Considering shampoo bars have no plastic packaging and generate less waste, I am more than happy with the change!

How to use a shampoo bar

Something I learned, after I wrote my previous post, was the fact that I was using my natural shampoo bar in a wrong way.

One day, on a Facebook group I am subscribed, I read this comment from a woman saying that she finally switched to shampoo bars because she learned how to use them properly. She explained that you actually have to put the bar through your hair directly and do that several times, instead of using the hands to produce the lather and then applying that to the hair (which it was precisely what I had been doing).

I was intrigued, so next time I used my shampoo bar, I tried this new method and wow, what a difference!

The lather was so abundant (which didn’t happen when I used it from the hands) and it was easier to apply it. But more striking was the result when my hair was dry, I immediately noticed the difference, it was definitely cleaner and lighter. Even when the method I was using worked ok, the shampoo wasn’t cleaning the hair completely and it was probably leaving some residue which affected the volume and the appearance of the hair.

I was surprised! Then I started thinking that perhaps all the issues I had had at the beginning trying to find a natural shampoo bar that didn’t leave my hair so heavy and greasy, could have been related to this.

To test my theory, I bought again the first brand of shampoo bar I ever tried and I used it again. Guess what? It worked perfectly!

I am not 100% sure the way of using the bar was the only problem at the beginning, it could have been a combination of that with the transition period, but I am glad I discovered this.

Please note this seems to be relevant to natural shampoo bars only, if you are using syndets (check my previous post about shampoo bars to learn the difference) then this may not be a problem.

This video shows how to use natural shampoo bars (please note I have never tried this brand, I just liked the information she included in her video)


Some people say that you don’t need conditioner with shampoo bars, but after experimenting a bit I concluded that I need it. When I finish using my shampoo bar, my hair is squeaky-clean and if I don’t use conditioner is hard to comb.

Some months ago, I tried the Apple Cider Vinegar rinse which is supposed to avoid build up in the hair, balance the hair and scalp ph among other benefits. People also use it as a conditioner.

I mixed it with warm water (1:4 ratio), massaged the scalp, let it sit for 5 minutes and rinsed it. I tried that for around 6 weeks and honestly I didn’t notice a difference and I didn’t feel it was easier to comb either.

Given that I still had a big bottle of conditioner I had bought in bulk, I decided to finish my conditioner first and later give it another go.

At this stage, I am not sure whether I’ll try the ACV rinse again or I’ll find a conditioner bar, but I am glad I finally switched to shampoo bars and it is working fine after all these months.

“It depends on us. We only have a short window of time for people to change attitudes and behaviours. ” – Dr Jane Goodall

That’s it for today, let me know in the comments below: Are you using shampoo bars? if not, Are you ready to try it? Give it a go and let me know how it went.

Thanks for reading,